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Special exhibition MEORGA




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On 04th of June Meorga Rhineland took place in the Smidt-Arena in Leverkusen.
Numerous fair visitors informed themselves at the METRA Energie-Messtechnik GmbH booth about the possibilities of steam and compressed air measurement technique.          




Combined heat and power (CHP) at Kelheim-Fibres

Combined heat and power generation is called the extraction of thermal energy from an investment in the senior electrical current is generated. In contrast to power plants in which only electrical power or just thermal energy is produced (efficiency 30-50%) have cogeneration plants an efficiency of up to 90%.
CHP plants need, compared to conventionally powered systems, a significantly lower primary energy use (lower CO2 emissions) with the same efficiency.
Current percentage of CHP plants in the total net electricity generation in Germany is about 15%. The Federal Government is to increase the CHP share in 2020 to 25%.

CHP systems can be:
- Steam turbines
- Gas and steam turbine (CCGT)
- Combined heat and power (CHP), etc.

CHP plants are when a certain minimum efficiency is achieved (about 70%), in a variety of ways by the legislature funded with the aim to reduce CO2 emissions. To calculate this efficiency appropriate measuring instruments (electric meter, steam meter, hot water meter, cold meter) are required.
The legislature recommends approvable as possible, or if not possible, to use proven accurate measuring instruments. At Kelheim - Fibres the existing cogeneration power plant is retrofitted capable. This requires an accurate determination of the overall efficiency, the efficiency of the steam turbine and the determination of the coupled thermal energy.
For this purpose METRA steam alculation unit according to the differential pressure flow measurement principle are used.
The supplied Steam meters, are designed as ISA nozzle and venturi test sections and guarantee accuracy of + - 0.5% rdg. over the required range. The guaranteed properties of steam meters are protected by elaborate calibrations. The supplied meters fulfill the highest standards of plausibility, traceability and legal certainty. The nominal diameter range of 6 pieces supplied steam calculation unit includes DN 150 to DN 800.