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High-quality measuring technology for flow and energy

As a result of permanently increasing commodity prices, the increase of energy efficiency is more important than ever. This concerns next to electricity, especially pipe-bound streams like liquids, steam and technical gases.

Whether in the increasingly important energy management or combined heat and power interface (CPI), the basis for reliable data acquisition, are trustworthy and traceable counting.

Take advantage of our many years of experience (more than 30 years) in the field of flow metering and heat metering.

Our Equipment will be used for the following applications:
• Flow and energy measuring of steam
   (Billing and accounting measurement)
• Flow and energy measuring of technical gases e.g. air or nitrogen
   (Billing and accounting measurement)
Energy measuring of water, condensate, thermo oil etc.
Refrigeration capacity measuring of water and water-glycol-compound

A main focus of our work is the competent and individual expert advice from design until operating. Many of our instruments are also available in silicone-free design.

Required service features like calibrations, commissioning or service operations will be achieved in Germany from our service employees or in foreign countries from our foreign distributors.