Universal computer ERW 700 for flow and energy

Universal flow Computer for flow and energy for highest demands
• with MID/PTB approval as part of the device for heat and cooling meters and combined  Heat / cold meter
• suitable for the material streams liquids, steam and technical gases


• flow and energy meter in conjunction with any volume measuring device
• calculating and registering flow rate, capacity, volume, standard volume, mass and energy


• industrial energy measuring
• building heating and climatisation
• meter for costidy transfer for district heating and local heating
  (district heat supply, industry, power plants, power distribution)
• system control in energy systems
• heat- and cold production im mittle and upper range of performance
• for higher standards on the measurement accuracy and measurement stability

Standard fluids

   water, saturated steam, steam, air

Special fluids 

 Thermo-oil, water glycol compounds, technical gases

Technical properties

• with type approval according to European MID, Measuring Instruments Directive
   (Type Examination Certificate Number: DE-08-MI004-PTB004)
• with type approval, as part of equipment for cold meter according to EO 22 (TR-K7.2)
   (Type-approval sign 22.75 / 9.02)
• optionally with silicone free housing   
• can be combined with all common volume and mass measuring devices
   (differential pressure, vortex, turbine, cross probe, ultrasonic, MID, coriolis)
• high-precision process calculation for density, enthalpy and compressibility
• temperature measuring range -100°C up to +600 °C, pressure measuring range up to 150 bar
• calculation speed 10 interpretations per second
• compensation input for density signal
• data logger for 2 due dates, 30 monthly values, 800 cycle period storages,
   100 failure storages, 100 parameter storages and Min/Max storage (31 days, 12 month)
• parametrisation at PC-Software and/or manual at key pad
• EMC saved plastic housing for wall mounting (optional with separate display)
• optionally with two counters - e.g. for combined heat-/cold measuring or
   bidirectional measuring
• power supply 230 VAC (optionally 24 VDC) 
• user security with password management
• signal input:
   standard 2x (0)4-20 mA, 2x frequency / pulse / status, 2x Pt100/500/1000
   (optionally 4x (0)4-20 mA / 4x frequency / pulse / status)
• signal output:
   standard 2x (0)4-20 mA / 3x frequency / pulse / status, M-Bus / Modbus
   (optionally up to 6x (0)4-20 mA, 7x frequency / pulse / status, additional M-Bus
   interface, RS 485, Ethernet Interface, Profibus dp)

Flow computer
ERW 700

Flow computer
ERW 700
(remote display)

Flow computer
ERW 700
(19"-slide-in module)




Documentation ERW 700
>> Data sheet
>> User manual
>> Tender specification