Magnetic inductive meters
for cooling applications

Magnetic inductive measuring systems


The measuring system “epykon” – consisting of mag.inductive volume sensor, energy computer and 2 temperature sensors – is mainly used for approved cold measurements (water) and glycol/water mixtures for pressure ratings up to PN 40.

Application examples are calibrated energy measurements according to national guideline K7.2 for municipal utilities, energy suppliers and production companies within the framework of the energy management system according to ISO 50003 and emissions trading.  

Technical data
Fluid water, glycol/water mixture
Diameter DN 15 up to DN 1000
Connection flange
Material steell
Max.temperature 100°C
Pressure rating PN 40


Special features
  • No maintenance, no wear and tear
  • High measurement dynamics with minimum measurement uncertainty at the same time
  • M-Bus, Modbus, Profibus dp, Ethernet interface
  • for temperatures up to 200°C
  • Cold measurement