Compressed air measurement

Meter for measurements of technical gases

Technical gases, especially compressed air, are required in almost all industrial plants today Compressed air is one of the most expensive energy sources. In order to be able to operate the compressed air system as optimally as possible, energy service providers are increasingly taking over the operation and maintenance of the systems and providing the companies with compressed air tailored to their needs. At the interface between energy service providers and industrial companies, compressed air meters are required for the correct billing of compressed air. Metra Energiemesstechnik has developed a high-precision meter for these applications.

In addition, this meter can also be used for CO2, nitrogen and inert gases.

Typical applications

  • Internal balancing of consumption in main lines
  • Performance control of compressor plants
  • Billing measurement between energy supplier and customer
  • Inspection of thermal mass flow meters

The following meters in our portfolio are suitable for measurement of technical gases:


Application example

Measurements of technical gases
Measurements of technical gases

Compressed air measurement in a turbocharger test bench

  • Meter type: EDZ 1501.1 with Venturi tube and integrated pabs transmitter
  • Characteristic: very low pressure loss, very short inlet distances due to venturi effect
  • Design: up to 250°C and PN 40
  • Meas. range: 30:1 relative to mass flow
  • Uncertainty: <1% with respect to a range of 20:1