Cold measurement

Cold measurement and its fields of application

Typical applications for cold measuremenets:

  • to determine the quantity of cold transferred for the purpose of billing between cold generator and customer.
    > Use of calibrated cold meters (national approval K7.2)
  • for the purpose of accurately recording the quantity of refrigeration delivered in refrigeration systems.
    Refrigerants are water, water/glycol mixtures and pure refrigerants (NH3 etc.).

The following meters in our portfolio are suitable for heat measurement:


Application example

Cold measurement

Cold measurement of ammonia NH3 in the gaseous phase

  • Meter type: EDZ 127.1 with compact orifice plate
  • Property: measurement and registration of energy and mass of gaseous ammonia
  • Design: compact orifice plate with differential pressure transmitter with integrated and
    and external pressure sensor, as well as 2 temperature sensors
  • Meas. range: 30:1 relative to mass flow
  • Uncertainty: <1% with respect to a range of 15:1